Hardware & Specs


10/100/1000 Mbps
Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports


Input: 100-240 V, AC
Output 5V, 1.5 A
Operating Temperature
0o to 90 oC (32o to 194 oF)

Processor & RAM

1.0 GHz ARM-core
(AMX335x) processor
512 MB RAM
4GB Storage


Width: 1.73″ (44 mm)
Length: 5.22″ (132.5 mm)
System board architecture may change from time to time
Ease of use

Simple Setup

RATtrap is the culmination of the efforts of a world-class engineering team that has left no stone unturned to make RATtrap very easy to install. For instance, through our patent-pending port-position independent design, you don’t have to worry about which port goes to your broadband modem or which port goes to your Internet router. Irrespective of how you end up connecting RATtrap, it will automatically learn the device type (router or modem) on each side and configure itself accordingly.

Universal Hardware Compatibility1

1 RATtrap must be connected between two non-switched endpoints – i.e. you won’t have proper protection if you connect RATtrap to a switch. (Please see our “Technical Setup” section for more information)

Supported Services: Cable, Fiber 2, DSL 3, Satellite

2 May not function if your provider uses vLAN tagging (this is a small subset of providers, but check with your ISP or ask support@iotdef.com if you are unsure).
3 Not compatible when your router connects using PPPoE as its connection type.

All in One Place

Secure Everything

Unlike your Anti-Virus software which just protects the devices where it is installed, RATtrap secures all the devices, both wired and wireless, on your network. RATtrap provides IP and DNS protection based on multiple sources of attack threat intelligence data. It performs behavioral monitoring of common Internet connected devices, uses machine learning to detect anomalies and blocks all malicious communications it discovers, in real-time. Additionally, RATtrap takes multiple precautions to mitigate the risk of being attacked. For instance, it employs an automatic update model eliminating service downtime and exposure to attacks while updates are being applied. All updates to RATtrap are distributed through secure channels and are digitally signed.


Secure your network

Privacy Everywhere

RATtrap offers privacy on multiple fronts. Immediately, after connecting RATtrap, all devices on your network, are protected by the RATtrap global DNS protection infrastructure. This feature implements encrypted DNS channels thereby preventing third parties, from learning about web sites visited by the users as well as sites accessed by smart devices. As an added benefit, when the RATtrap’s ad-blocking feature is enabled, advertisements served via common ad-networks are blocked. This ensures that potential malicious scripts never make it to devices, and user’s browsing habits on any of the devices are never exposed.

Global Attack Modeling

We model attack behavior on the Internet at a global scale. We have strategically deployed sensors that automatically self-destruct and create new listeners on random time intervals as part of our darknet monitoring system. This data is analyzed with other intelligence sources, coalesced, de-duplicated, and modeled to create a unique detection and as part of RATtrap’s protection. This allows your RATtrap to block instantly, on first packet, and locally without having to send your private meta-data to our cloud further protecting your privacy!

Cloud Scale Protection

When any RATtrap device detects a previously unknown attack outbreak based on anomalous behavior, it instantaneously notifies the RATtrap cloud, which then updates all other RATtrap devices about the threat. This feedback loop allows the entire network of RATtrap devices to work in unison to block large-scale attacks on the Internet and secure every network protected by RATtrap

Machine Learning

The RATtrap team invests heavily in research and development which is focused on establishing behavioral profiles and models of commonly used consumer Internet connected devices. This research is used to fine tune the machine learning algorithms running in the RATtrap cloud. Machine learning applies historical data and real-time network level meta-data, at scale, to detect attacks in real time.

Real-Time Visualization

Security is at its best when it never gets in your way. RATtrap acts like a gatekeeper, quietly blocking potentially malicious content from getting into your network. Blocked attacks are instantaneously indicated via the LED on the device. For the more curious minds, the RATtrap web portal and the mobile app for iOS and Android shows specific information about blocked attacks in real time. In addition, the portal can be used to learn about the usage statistics and health of the network and smart devices connected to it.